Call to Action: European Vapers Protest 2015

15. 04. 01
posted by: Stefan Wölflinger

Europe’s vapers vs the TPD2

Vapers of all countries! Now is the time to rise! All EU citizens have rights. Only ours are about to be curtailed!

Two countries are already implementing the TPD2 and we have seen, how grotesque this turned out. We don’t want to wait idly while this happens. We’re calling for common protests all over Europe.
On Friday May 29th 2015 vapers all over europe will hit the streets to protest against the TPD2 that will curtail our citizens rights massively.
The implementation of the TPD2 will ban all the vaping devices of 2nd and 3rd generation. No more liquids and bases in bottles bigger than 10 ml or stronger than 20 mg/ml. Tanks will be limited to 2 ml and must be filled via an ominous mechanism. Anything that might leak will be prohibited. There will be no more glass or macrolon tanks as they aren’t unbreakable.
We don’t object to easier handling. But we don’t want our choice limited to a single system. Most important for the success of vaping is the plethora of devices and liquids. The TPD2 means the death of vaping in Europe!
With a global protest we want to show how vast our community is. How coordinated and determined we are to fight for our rights. The selected date is chosen to get media attention. Even if it’s only for traffic jams we cause. We just need the public to notice our community.

Calling all vapers!

Let’s fill the major streets of Europe with our vapor. Let’s get noticed.

Calling all vaper’s associations of Europe!

Unite and let’s plan and perform this historical pan-european mega event!



It’s about our passion! We are not “Astroturf”! We have a voice as responsible and reasonable citizens. Let’s raise that voice.
It’s about our health! Also consider how many smokers will be barred from switching by the TPD 2.  We won’t surrender our new found quality of life!
It’s about our freedom of choice! All the negative propaganda has already been debunked. We struggle against an unreasonable, lobby lead regulation of a revolutionary device!
We are tired to be discriminated against! Our community keeps on growing. We can only succeed if we all act together.

We ask all associations and organisations to register in the Facebook group

English translation by Norbert Zillatron