E-cigarettes and vaping to be restricted in Austria

The Austrian government plans to regulate vaping in a way that would severely impair trade and users.


They want to subject vaping devices to the tobacco monopoly law. Including liquids, cartridges and everything else used to operate them. When this is enacted, Austrian consumers will be bereft of legal ways to order ecigs or liquids from abroad. Trading will be strictly limited to tobacco sales points licenced by the monopoly corporation. Online sales will be prohibited. The Austrian vendors will have to close. An international wholesaler may only sell his products through these sales points if the monopoly corporation approves. They tend to be very restrictive and protective. Any innovation from small and medium businesses in Austria will be completely impossible.


That is the reason why the Austrian facebook group "Österreich dampft" has called for a protest at the Austrian parliament on Saturday, October 25th at 2 pm.



We have founded the association "Österreichischer Dampferclub" to promote the interests of Austrian vapers. We already experience a lot of harassment caused by negatively biased press. We strive to counter this prejudice. And inform current smokers about vaping as an alternative.



Vaper all over the World unite !
Let us fight together against lobby-controlled goverments !
We are Vapers.
We are Legion.
We do not give up.
We do not forget.
Expect us!